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The easiest way to resupply Mil-Spec U.S. Navy Flags. For convenience, search using NSN 


COVID-19 letter to fellow people: Flags can be symbols of patriotism. Their presence helps convey a strong sense of belonging and comradery among all.
Amidst the current times, we want to reassure you that Dawn’s Early Light (DEL) is still fully operational and practicing proper safety to continue providing flags for the people and organizations that need them. We are the manufacturers of hard to find, high-quality government and military flags which are going to become more difficult to order and receive on time. To help anyone having difficulty with acquiring specific flags, call us. We’ve probably made it before and can quickly repeat the process.  If not, the opportunity to make a new design is a rare occurrence and we are always excited to complete the challenge. 
No more long turnaround times, order straight from the source, save money and save time. 
Help us to help you.

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Navy Flags is a subset of DEL Flags & Embroidery. All of our flags are proudly made in Brookfield, WI by our expert team of sewers and embroidery specialists. We've been in the flag business since 2002 and follow military specifications and plans from The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH)

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Feel free to give us a call or email, our goal is to exceed your expectations in quality and communication is a key part of that process.  

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